Understanding Yoga Instruction

Understanding Yoga Instruction

Yoga instruction is usually easy to understand, especially if you have a quality instructor like we have at Force/Balance BJJ & Yoga.  If you have never been to a class before, there really is nothing to worry about, as all ages and levels are welcomed.  If you still want to act like an old pro at your first class, here are some of the basics and etiquette that you should know. 


What Equipment Do You Need?


First, you may want to call to know what you need to bring with you.  Do you need a mat, are they provided or does the site rent them?  Is there any other required equipment?  Will the yoga instruction be for a hot yoga class, a Vinyasa Flow class, or other type of yoga?  Be sure to dress in comfortable clothing that is not too baggy and yet not too form fitting to be uncomfortable doing various poses.  Good yoga etiquette also demands not wearing heavy-smelling perfumes or colognes since there will be a lot of deep breathing going on, and too many scents can really be counterproductive.  Also be sure that you bring water with you, as staying hydrated is very important. 


It is always good to arrive a little early to your first session so that you can get the “lay of the land”.  Meet the instructor, speak with your fellow yoga lovers and get comfortable.  Most studios have you remove your shoes by the entrance to the class, and you will want to get rid of any loose items such as hats or sunglasses that may be distractions.  Also be sure to turn off your cell phone, as it can be pretty embarrassing if it rings in the middle of a quiet class.  If this is your first time, you may want to go further to the back of the class, so you can watch everyone else as they follow the yoga instruction. 


Meditation—an Important Part of Yoga


Yoga is a meditative exercise, so for the most part people don’t talk so that they can fully concentrate on their breathing and fluid movements.  Be sure listen to instruction and follow along for the most enjoyment.  Remember not to push yourself too hard, but to go at your own pace and do what feels comfortable for your body.  The more classes you attend and the closer you follow the yoga instruction the more you will notice that the poses get easier and your range of motion improves.


Also remember to enjoy yourself.  Be happy you have a body that is able to move, bend and flex.  Enjoy the relaxing feelings when you are breathing deeply.  And enjoy all the benefits you are gaining, such as improved sleep, a stronger core, more energy, better posture and much more. 


Come prepared, know the basics and you too can look like an old yoga pro.  If you are looking for some top-notch yoga instruction in the Burbank, CA area, then come try out a class with us at our Force/Balance BJJ & Yoga studio. 



Understanding Force/Balance BJJ in Burbank

Understanding Force/Balance BJJ in Burbank


It’s not an easy thing to do, to explain what BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) is.  It’s easy to describe it in a sentence, namely that it is a contact sport loosely based on Japanese martial arts, but adapted to western culture.  It’s also a sport that encourages ground fighting and the use of leverage and balance. 


What is Force/Balance in BJJ All About?


However, the philosophy and balance in BJJ is something truly unique.  First, understand that this is a sport in which brains decide the outcome, not brawn.  Whereas most sports focus on reach, takedowns and punches or kicks, the force in BJJ is determined by leverage and positioning.  The aim of the game is for the winning opponent to take the other opponent to the ground.  From there, the winning opponent will immobilize the other opponent and use force and balance (BJJ style) to bring on a submission.  


This is very effective in combat, since most devastating blows occur when the opponents are standing.  When both opponents are on the ground, the most powerful strikes are negated.  Force must be maximized through training and technique, what you might call mechanical strength, rather than overall power.  Some have likened the contact sport, one of delicate balance, to a chess game.  This is because there are so many counters for offensive moves that opponents truly have to think ahead. Perhaps several moves in advance. 


BJJ Training and Philosophy


The training for force in BJJ involves learning submission techniques without the use of striking an opponent.  Training typically involves technique drills with non-resisting partners as well as isolation sparring (with limited techniques allowed) and full sparring, which sees most maneuvers allowed with submission the goal.  The primary ground positions for force and balance in BJJ include grappling position, side control, full mount, back mount, guard, joint locks and submission. 


Balance is important as students must learn to use leverage for their advantage, and not leave themselves open to attack by losing balance.  If students are diligent and can master these important techniques, then they can easily overpower larger opponents with practice and experience.  No wonder that BJJ is gaining popularity among law enforcement, professional fighters and security guards!  Everyone sees the advantage in “learning the ground.”


Benefits of Force/Balance BJJ for All Ages


One of the best reasons to consider this form of martial art is because of healthful effects.  Regular exercise helps the body to rejuvenate, alleviate pain, build muscle, increase stamina and reduce the risk of serious disease.  However, the benefits of wisdom, combat training and self-confident are even better.  This is a great activity for youngsters and for men and women of all ages. 


Instead of living in fear or wasting money on firearms, why not look into a practical form of self-defense?  And speaking of force and balance BJJ, let’s talk about the company Force/Balance BJJ at info@ForceBalanceBJJ.com.  You can get started right away with affordable, short lessons that present you BJJ in a nutshell and with a simple directive that you can take home.  Let’s learn something new and exciting together!


New Nighttime Yoga Instructor

We here at Force/Balance Yoga have a new evening instructor.  Her name is Heather Hudson and she teaches a fantastic Vinyasa Flow class every Monday and Wednesday evening at 6:00pm. To find out more check out  http://www.forcebalancebjj.com/yoga.html  or stop in for a free class today!


Thursday, Jan 12th at 6:30pm we will have Jeff Glover (Paragon Black Belt and World- Class Jiu-Jitsu player) will be teaching a class at Force/Balance BJJ in Burbank CA.  Be sure not to mis this one.  this class is for members only so sign up today to be part of the action!


BJJ Black Belt and owner of Hollywood Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Sean Patrick Flanery will be hosting a class this Friday 6:30 pm at Force/Balance BJJ.  Be sure to stop in and get some great training.



How to do a Reversal from Half Guard (by ForceBalanceBJJ)


Force/Balance Yoga encourages and challenges you to take all of the positive energy you receive from your practice OFF THE MAT and out into the world.  Come in today and learn how to “Take it OFF the MAT!”